Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Avoid These Email Marketing Mistakes

Email marketing is a tricky area though and it is easy to make common email marketing mistakes if you don’t know the right methods to use. This can be frustrating for you as it will cost you money yet not generate any additional sells. Here are some common email marketing mistakes and pitfalls you need to be aware of. It will make your marketing strategies more effective.
Consumers want to feel like they are a person to your business, not just a statistic. Take the time to address each email personally. It is more expensive, but it is more effective. You will get a much better response then something addressed to ‘Dear Customer”. Don’t use dollar signs in your email marketing campaign. It is turn off to consumers who view it as you only want their money. Don’t use email marketing during the holidays. Customers are flooded with them and yours won’t stand out. People are too busy and stressed to relax and read email that is not personal or important at this time of year. If you want to market for the holidays then you need to do it at least before Thanksgiving.
Consumers don’t have a lot of patience! Your email message needs to jump out at them the moment they open it. Put the most enticing information first with the other details further down. They are more likely to read the entire email message if you get their attention from the start. As each consumer is different, so is their computer set up and the type of program they use. Don’t assume the email will open up the same in every type of email service. You will need to test it out for each popular email service. Always give the consumer the option of opening the email in either html or plain text.
Confidentiality is very important to consumers. Make sure your email sign up clearly states that you will not sell their information and that it will be kept confidential and secure. You will be surprised how many people won’t sign up for your email promotions if you don’t offer this bit of information. There are rules and regulations out there regarding what you can and can’t do when it comes to email marketing. Make sure you are familiar with those laws. They vary by country so if you do global marketing make sure you check the regulations for each area you will be sending them to. Failure to do so can lead to huge fines for your business.
Don’t make the mistake of thinking you know what your consumers want. If you really want to know what they are after then take the time to ask. Be open to their comments, questions, suggestions, and concerns. Letting them know you are available for such customer service is a great way to earn their loyalty. It is easy to sell something to a consumer but much harder to please them so they will come back again and again.
If you are new to email marketing, consult with a professional. This will make the entire process flow easier for you as well as yield better results. Take the time to research the consultant before using them. As for references and talk about what your goals are. If the consultant is not willing to make your goals priorities then don’t work with them. Are you afraid to spend a large amount of your revenue on marketing? Consider working with a broker consultant. This means you only pay them for the actual positive results the marketing brings you. They will be paid based on the traffic they generate for your site or the amount of new sales resulting from the email marketing. Make sure what ever method you choose is clear to both parties and in writing. Make sure the time frame that they will receive benefits for is clear as well.
You don’t want unhappy subscribers to your email marketing campaigns. The laws require you to offer a link where customers can unsubscribe. While you want to do all you can to keep them reading your emails, it is important to respect their wishes and remove them from the mailing list immediately. They will become very frustrated if they continue to receive them once they have asked to be removed. It can cost you their future business. Email marketing can be effective for your business if you keep these common mistakes from becoming part of your marketing plan.

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Monday, May 28, 2007

Need An E-Mail Marketing Consultant?

Email marketing is an effective way to get your business fresh in the mind of a customer. In fact this is to be the most use way of marketing by 2008. The content of your marketing campaign is very important. You are competing with many other businesses for the attention of the consumer. It has to appeal to them and encourage them to go to your website and make a purchase. The concept is simple but the process is much harder. It can be very time consuming. Ilaterf you are struggling with your email marketing processes or simply don’t have the time to commit to the process, consider hiring an email marketing consultant.
What exactly is an email marketing consultant? This is generally a freelancer who has skills in the area of developing effective email marketing campaigns. There are businesses that employ several email marketing consultants as well. They will help you device effective promotions, specials, and newsletters for your business. The amount of time you use an email marketing consultant will depend on how regular you plan to send emails to your customers. These consultants are very familiar with the email marketing process as well as what consumers respond well to. They know the market trends and many other aspects that are part of the formula.
Since email marketing is such an important part of the entire marketing concept today, take the time to investigate the consultant you plan to use. If they are part of a company then check them out with the Better Business Bureau. You will find out about any issues and complaints filed against the company by other consumers. Check the internet for reviews about the company or individual as well. It is important to ask the email marketing consultant exactly what they will be providing for you.
Ask for references and information previous projects they have worked on. Most email marketing consultants have a portfolio. Putting the wrong person in charge of your email marketing can damage the relationship you currently have with your customers. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself changing email marketing consultants down the road once your business has grown and the objectives of the company have changed. Sometimes the relationship can continue long term but if your company heads in a different direction then some changes in marketing and creativity may be in order.
An email marketing consultant should be willing to listen to the goals of your business. They need to be aware of exactly what you want to accomplish. Keep in mind they may need to make changes to your plan based on the best marketing practices but they should be willing to discuss the changes with you as well as why they are needed. If the consultant isn’t willing to talk with you about the goals of your business or isn’t easily reached then don’t work with them. They may not be effective or they may have too many projects taking place to do yours justice. Any agreement with you and an email marketing consultant need to be clearly placed in writing for both parties to sign.
It may take a marketing campaign or two for you to start seeing the effects. You should see a small increase in traffic to your website as well as sells. Don’t expect to see a huge difference overnight regardless of the product or service you are offering. Your email marketing consultant should go over this information with you as well. A consultant knows the process and market trends enough to give you a realistic forecast of what to expect. They can also help you analyze data that can be used to make your next email marketing campaign more effective.
Email marketing is a valuable concept that allows you to reach volumes of customers quickly, effectively, and inexpensively.
The process can be difficult and time consuming. An email
marketing consultant can help you meet your email marketing
campaign goals while allowing your to use your time to operate
other aspects

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Email Marketing Laws (Important)

Email marketing is a very effective way or reaching your target market. It is less expensive than other types of marketing while allowing your to reach large volumes of consumers. By 2008, it is expected to be the most used method of advertising. Are you aware of the various email marketing laws that are in effect throughout the United States and other countries? It is important that you take the time to educate yourself on this topic before you proceed with an email marketing campaign. 36 of the 50 states have privacy laws in place regarding email marketing tactics. There are also laws in Europe, Australia, and Asia. It is a good idea to have an attorney who specializes in these laws to assist you with your email marketing campaigns. If you are a small business planning to go about it on your own, it is very important that you are aware of how these laws affect you.
The CAN-SPAM Act was implemented in the United States to protect the privacy of consumers on January 1st of 2004. CAN-SPAM is short for Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography and Marketing Act. The act prevents the use of misleading to and from headers in the email. Marketers are required to include their physical address in the email. There must be an opt out link in every email that gives the consumer the ability to reach the marketer and tell them they no longer want to receive information from them. The sender of the email must work to remove this email address from their data base within 10 business days. Any email that contains sexual content must be clearly labeled and identified before the recipient opens it. Marketers have to get permission from the consumer in order to sell their email address.
Regulators of the web are getting harder on marketers who defile these laws. They are imposing huge fines. In some cases the sender of these marketing emails can be sentenced to jail for a maximum of five years. The harsher regulations are to protect the users of the web and email services who felt their privacy was being defiled as their email continued to be bogged down with hundreds of solicitation emails that were randomly sent without any target market in mind. As the use of email marketing continues to grow, expect the regulations to be further enforced.
In addition, businesses who continue to send such materials to consumers who have requested to be removed from the data base mailing list may decide to sue you and your company. As a business owner, this can be scary. The law protects you as well though. You will not be liable if a spammer has used your business as a cover for their endeavors. You are also not liable if a virus is found in your email marketing campaign as long as you did not place it there or know it was in place prior to sending out the emails.
The Coalition Against Unsolicited Emails is a non-profit advocate organization to help consumers know their rights, to stop unfair email marketing practices, and to provide businesses with answers to their questions before they engage in such activities. They also work closely with members of Congress to get laws passed that will be in the best interest of both consumers and businesses. Their website is a great place to get information.
Email marketing is a great opportunity to keep your business in the mind of consumers as well as encourage them to make new purchases. It is important that you follow the laws and regulations that have been put in place to protect consumers from unfair email marketing practices. While most businesses do all they can to follow these laws too many don’t. Others simply aren’t educated in these laws so they break them without intending to or realizing they have. The web is a great place to get additional information of fair email marketing practices as well as the laws for each country. Keep a good eye out for any changes in these laws. There are not any pending issues in the legislation at this time.

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Thursday, May 24, 2007

How to Make E-Mail Marketing Simple...

Email marketing is one of the most effective and least expensive methods of reaching large volumes of customers who are interested in your products or services. You will want your email marketing campaign to address each person by name to make it more personal. The customer will provide you with their name and email address but you will need to find the best way to store it and use it. Email marketing software is a great way to compile your data. It can also be used to store the purchasing history of a particular consumer. This is good for narrowing your target market on certain email marketing campaigns. What can email marketing software do for you?
It is a wonderful tool for editing text, creating promotions, and writing newsletters. It allows you to add pictures, attachments, backgrounds for color and appeal, images, and sound. You will be able to use templates for features you intend to use regularly. This is definitely a time saver. Using email marketing software will make your materials appear professional which will make the email marketing campaign more successful.
There are many email marketing software packages available to choose from ranging in cost from $99 to $499. The one that works best for you will depend on what you are looking for as well as the objectives of your email marketing campaigns. Not all email marketing software offers the same features. However, there are some basic items you should look for. Choose email marketing software that offers 24/7 customer support. Conduct your own research to find out how effective that customer support has been for other consumers. The software will be useless if you aren’t able to use it properly. There are about to be questions and concerns you have and maybe some technical issues. Customer support needs to be that bridge for you when such issues arise.
Every email marketing software will operate differently. The software has to be easy to install and set up or it will never help your business achieve its goals. It is important that it is simple to navigate yet allows you to be creative. You will want to choose email marketing software than offers you the choice of making a template or working from scratch. You also want email lists simple to create based on various factors. Some software programs offer unlimited size when it comes to your mailing lists. Others set a limit from 2,000 up to 50,000. You will have an idea of the growth you want for your business and can use that to help you in that department.
Unless you have a great deal of experience with email marketing, choose a software program that comes with a wizard and a tutorial system. These will become your best friends while you are learning the ins and outs of the email marketing software. Bounce handling to resend undelivered emails is a wonderful feature to look for as well. It will prevent you from manually having to resend them. It is very important that your software has a quick and efficient way to remove the email address of those who choose to opt out. The law requires you to remove them from your emailing lists within 10 business days.
Email marketing is a very effective way to generate traffic to your website and more sales. Using email marketing software is a very inexpensive and effective way to create email marketing campaigns that are professional quality. Take the time to choose email marketing software that offers all of the features you will need to operate your campaigns properly. The internet is a great place to find out the pros and cons of the various email marketing software packages available. Keep in mind that you want to purchase software with excellent customer service.

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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Create a Profitable Email Newsletter

Do you want to use email to market your business to consumers? It can be difficult designing a plan that will generate interest and additional sales. It can also be hard to determine how often you want to send an email to consumers. Have you thought about creating a business newsletter and emailing it to consumers? This is a great opportunity to keep your business name in their mind. You can also send the newsletter on a regular basis. A monthly newsletter is very common, but some companies choose to send one weekly while others do it only every three months. The choice depends on the type of business you have, the amount of content you have, and the time and money you have to invest in the project.
A great way to get consumers interested in your newsletter is to ask them what they are looking for. Let them know you encourage their questions, suggestions, comments, and feedback. Make sure they know you will address their concerns as well. Make sure you use some of these consumer replies in each newsletter. This shows you care about them and their satisfaction. It is also a wonderful way for your business to know what is working and what you still need to improve on.
A productive newsletter talks about various aspects of the company, upcoming events, sales, promotions, and new products. Try to arrange the information so that it is informative without appearing to be directed at only sales. You want the consumer to look forward to your future newsletters. Keep the information informative for the reader while laying the ground work for future sells. Always remember who your target audience is and write articles that will appeal to them.
Your newsletter should also offer tips. Customers love that. Try safety tips, unique uses for the product, etc. These all serve to keep the reader interested as well as promote your business. Offer a great promotion or discount in each newsletter as well. Make sure such promotions have an expiration date. This will motivate the consumer to make a purchase now rather than in the future.
The layout of your newsletter is important as well. The visual of nothing but a jumble of works isn’t easy on the eyes. Try using a distinct break in the articles or using a two column layout. If your newsletter isn’t visually appealing it doesn’t matter how good the content is because many readers will not take the time to focus on the information. Be realistic about the amount of content you can put into one newsletter. Don’t use the smallest font just to get more material in. Try some basics in the beginning and then expand. You can add features and regular sections as your newsletter evolves.
If the newsletter is going to be your main source of marketing, then make sure you have staff dedicated to its development. Too many businesses just expect their employees to take on one more task, leading to a newsletter that is done, but not producing results. If you have a team dedicated to the development and strategy behind each newsletter they will be more not producing results.
Take the time to test your newsletter on the various email service providers because many of them work differently. You don’t want a large percentage of your customers not being able to read the newsletter because they all subscribe to an email service provider who has a system unable to read your material. Test the main email providers out there before you release the newsletter by email to save you the disappointment of finding out later many people couldn’t read it.
Email marketing is very productive if you take the time to use an approach that is informative and builds a relationship with the customer rather than just pushing your products or services. A newsletter is a great way to accomplish. It also opens the door for you to email information to the customer on a regular schedule depending on how often you want to create a newsletter. There is nothing threatening about a newsletter. Do all you can to make it inviting. It is a good idea to express your sincere gratitude to your valued customers in your newsletters as well.

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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Email Marketing Tips for Your Marketing Campaign

Using email is a great way to market and promote your e-commerce business. With people being so busy and getting junk mail, how do you make your email stand out? Here are some helpful tips to get you the most benefits from this effective marketing tool. It is important to do some research and attempt to get your marketing sent to a target market that will likely be interested in the products or services you are offering.

Some companies randomly send emails to people who have absolutely no interest in what is being advertised. You will get a very low response from such marketing methods. If your website asks for consumer information including an email address, but respectful. Ask if they are interested in receiving e-mail advertisements and promotions. If they choose not to then don’t add them to your data base for marketing by email. Make sure you have the permission of the consumer to send them such materials. You are required by law to include an opt out link in the event the consumer no longer wants to receive such emails from you.

Statistics show Tuesday and Wednesday are the most effective days to send out marketing emails. Send them out in the morning so that individuals have time to read them during breaks, lunch hours, and in the early evening. You might have a lot of information to pass on to the target market, but keep your email short and to the point. Most internet users like to go through their emails quickly. If yours is lengthy it may get deleted or saved to be read later. You want the consumer to be able to read it as soon as they click on it and get all the information. Make sure you have hyperlinks that take consumers immediately to your website if they are interested. Internet users are not patient. Most will not wait longer than five seconds for your website to appear.

It is important to test your marketing email in the various email programs including Yahoo, MSN, Hotmail, and AOL because they all work differently. Your graphics and pictures may be distorted in particular email programs. This will result in all those consumers not being able to use your marketing email as it was intended. Taking the time to conduct these tests can make the difference between an effective email marketing campaign and one that is a flop.

How often do you want to send an email to your consumers? This can be tricky to determine. It really depends on your products or services and your target market. You want to keep your business name fresh in the mind of the consumers but they will stop reading the emails from you if they become too frequent. Some businesses do them weekly or monthly. Others choose to only send an email when there is a huge promotion going on. A business newsletter is a great way to contact the consumer monthly with fresh information. You also want to give consumers a very simple way to change their email address as it is very common to change email service providers.

You need to have an effective system set up to answer any questions emailed to you from customers within 24 hours. This will show your business is serious about keeping them satisfied before, during, and after they make a purchase. Issues come up and most consumers will give your business the opportunity to help resolve the situation. This is your opportunity to prove the integrity of your business.

Email marketing is a very effective and useful tool for marketing your e-business. Taking the time to proceed with the process after you have conducted some research to identify the target market and following these effective email marketing tips will provide you with the opportunity to generate the most business from your marketing campaign. There is a great deal of competition in the world of e-commerce and you will have to work hard to be the best.

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Monday, May 21, 2007

Create Email Marketing Campaigns In A Snap

Email marketing is a very effective way to reach your buyers.
It will also help you increase the traffic to your website and
improve sales. How do you develop an effective email marketing
campaign? After all, what you send to your buyers is very
important. If it isn’t well designed or professional looking the
results could be damaging to your business instead of

The first part of the email marketing campaign needs to include
your target areas. What do you expect to achieve from your email
marketing campaign? Who do you want to reach? You should also
decide what type of marketing you are going to do. Will it be
random discounts and promotions, seasonal, or will you be
sending a regular newsletter? Next you will need to do some
research. Do you know the email marketing laws? What are the
current market trends? How are you going to make your email
marketing campaign more appealing than that of the competition?
You have to have these target areas clearly defined and outlined.
Otherwise your will just spin your wheels while developing your
email marketing campaign.

Since the target areas of every business are very different, the
strategies they use in email marketing will also be very
different. While this gives each business the ability to be
creative an unique in developing their marketing campaign, it
also makes it difficult because there are no clear cut answers.
If you aren’t skilled in developing email marketing campaigns
you will need to purchase email marketing software or hire an
email marketing consultant.

How well do you know your buyer? I hope well because this is
a very important part of developing an effective email marketing
campaign. You have to be able to address your key audience by
providing them with relevant information. If they aren’t
interested in what you have to say then it doesn’t matter how
many emails you manage to send out.

Once you have decided on your email marketing campaign you may
think you are ready to hit the send button, but hold on just a
little bit longer. Make sure everything in the email is spelled
correctly and grammatically correct. Nothing looks more
unprofessional than an email marketing campaign with errors.
They will stick out like a sore thumb. Remember to test the
effectiveness of the email on the various email service
providers as they all have variations. You will be disappointed
to discover that subscribers to a particular service weren’t
able to open your email for it to read properly.

Make sure the subject line of your email is clear and effective.
This will help your email marketing campaign to get past the
various spam filters and virus protectors. Many researchers of
email marketing believe the subject line will make or break the
reader’s decision to open your email. Make sure you personalize
the email and address it to the consumer rather than a broad
introduction. You will want to attach a clear expiration date to
your email marketing promotion. Nothing motivates the consumer
than having a deadline. They don’t want to miss out on the
opportunity to take advantage of what you are offering.

Email marketing is a great opportunity for you to communicate
with your buyers and to promote your business. It is very
important that you take the time to set your target areasand to know
the market before you develop your email marketing campaign.
This will ensure it is successful. While you want your email
marketing strategy to be unique and creative you need to keep
the wants and needs of the buyer in mind. You can choose to
develop your email marketing strategy on your own, using
software, or by hiring a consultant. Getting your email to the
consumer is only half of the battle. You will have to work hard
to make it very appealing and get the readers attention.

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Sunday, May 20, 2007

How to Build Effective Email Marketing Campaigns

Are you interested in using email marketing to improve the
traffic and sales of your website? It can be a confusing process
if you don’t know where to start. You will need to establish
your goals before you send the first email. What are you seeking
to accomplish? Make sure these goals are clear and realistic.
This will help you evaluate the success of the email marketing
campaign. This is a great way to learn what works and what
doesn’t for future email marketing campaigns. While your
particular goals will vary, some common ones include increasing
sales, getting more traffic to the website; improve awareness of
about your company and what products or services you offer, and
building a solid relationship with your customers.

As you start evaluating the success of your email marketing
campaign, make sure you are comparing the data only against your
own facts not that of the industry. For example did your
sales increase by 10% and traffic to your site increase by 25%
after your email marketing campaign rather than discovering the
rate that sales and traffic increased for the entire industry
you are in.

Don’t be less motivated if your first email marketing campaign
doesn’t do as well as you hoped, especially if you are a new
business. It takes time to build trust with consumers. Make sure
you use your original email address when you send out the
emails. This will help it get past the spam filters.

Make sure you take the time to update your email listings.
Remove any requests to opt out quickly and efficiently to
respect the consumer’s privacy. You will be wasting your time to
email to incorrect addresses or those who don’t want your
materials. Never change the first part of a person’s email
address even if the mail is undeliverable. However it is a good
idea to look for misspellings in the email service provider name
such as Yahoo being Yaho or Hotmail being Hotmall.

Some businesses like to use an email marketing template. Don’t
get too comfortable with a successful marketing campaign though!
This is because customers become bored easily with the same
format. You need to keep their interest by mixing things up a
bit in future email marketing campaigns. Opt in email marketing
software collects email addresses from your website. This is a
great method that is simple for getting you a data base started.
As your data base grows you can choose to send your future email
marketing campaigns to everyone on the list or just a select
target group based on their purchasing history.

You will need to design your email marketing campaign very well.
It needs to be attractive to hold the attention of the consumer
long enough for them to decide it is worth reading. You don’t
want your efforts to be mistaken for common spam or junk mail
right? Make sure all the content is spelled correctly. Keep the
text short and to the point. Readers who open your email may
choose to delete it or save it to read later if it looks to
lengthy. You want them to open it, be captivated, and read it.
The first sentences need to identify your company and what you
are offering. Place the important facts first. Then reader
is likely to keep reading. Give them a sense of urgency for
responding by clearing stating the day the promotional offers

Email marketing is an effective tool if you take the time to use
it properly. It is anticipated to be the most used method of
advertising on the internet by 2008. While this means you will
have lots of opportunity to market your business, it also means
there is going to be a great deal of competition trying to get
consumers to look at their business. You will have to be
creative and work hard to build effective email marketing
campaigns that are attractive, informative, and encourage the
consumer to take action.

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Friday, May 18, 2007

The History of Email Marketing

Most of us jump on our work and personal computers several times
each day to check our email. It has become an popular method
of communication for work, personal relationships, and
marketing. You may have noticed you get more emails encouraging
you to purchase items than ever before. This is because email
marketing has come one of the most popular methods of reaching
consumers who make purchases online.

Email come into existence in the 1990’s as the internet was
starting to become more popular. Businesses quickly figured out
this was a great way to reach customers. It was also less
expensive than mailing out advertisements to homes. By 1995 the
number of email advertisements sent out that year was more than
the number sent out by regular mail. Businesses spend a great
deal of money creating email marketing campaigns that won’t be
confused with spam.

In fact, email marketing hit a huge road block when spam filters
became so popular. Many email marketing campaigns had to be
altered as they were being wiped out by the filters. Businesses
were losing money on the marketing campaigns and not getting any
results. However savvy computer programmers and businesses soon
learned that popular email marketing titles and headlines as
well as using their real email address helped get the emails
past the various spam filters.

The internet was once used for research, entertainment and work
related functions. The idea of shopping online has become very
convenient in our society. After all, it allows you to compare
prices in a flash. Most of us are too busy to run from store to
store. Shopping online has given those in remote locations the
chance to get all the gadgets out there they desire. It is only
logical that consumers are paying more attention to email
marketing since this is the method they are using to do a large
portion of their shopping. Email marketing has become
mainstream. Almost every website gives the consumer the
opportunity to give their email address and consent to being
solicited with email advertising.

On the other side of the coin are those who hate getting their
email filled up with email marketing ploys. This is why every
email sent from a business has to include a link that gives the
consumer the opportunity to opt out. Businesses have to respect
this choice made by the consumer and remove them from the
mailing list. This was the result of legislation stepping in
when the idea of email marketing started flooding every email
address out there. There are rules and laws in place now to
protect consumers against having their privacy invaded. The
penalty for violating these laws include expensive fines and the
possibility of jail time.

However, with the acceptance of email marketing by consumers
comes their demands for popular advertising that meets there
needs. Getting the email to the consumer is only half of the
battle. The information you send them has to grab their
attention and entice them to take the link to your website and
make a purchase. Your email should be a teaser that it going to
make the consumer curious enough to go directly to your website
at that very moment. There is a lot of competition out there and
businesses are having to come up with wittier and smarter email
marketing campaigns to keep their consumers interested.

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Thursday, May 17, 2007

The Secrets Of Getting High Traffic For Your Site From Search Engines

Many webmasters who hate any form of control will hate to ever admit it, but the fact is that well over 80 per cent of the traffic web sites and blog sites typically receive still comes in via search engines. It matters little that in recent times search engines have had to face the wrath of webmasters who have seen their traffic wiped out virtually overnight by unfavorable adjustments in their algorithms. Many have abandoned search engine optimization in a huff and sworn to find other ways to generate traffic.

Still there is no denying that search engines are a source of traffic that cannot be ignored. In fact search engines are the most reliable source of traffic for many webmasters and so it is important to understand precisely how they go about getting traffic via the search engines. On the surface it looks like manything that is terribly difficult to achieve. One reason is the fact that with search engines you are competing with the rest of the world for traffic—a daunting task, no doubt.

If You Want Traffic You Must Understand The Different Search Engines
There are three major search engines. Namely Google (which accounts for about 60 oer cent of the total traffic), Yahoo and MSN. The last two account for almost 40 per cent of the total traffic and this is interesting to note because many people totally ignore Yahoo and MSN and tend to focus all their attention on the giant Google.

Always remember that the three major search engines all have different algorithms and have slightly different requirements. For example a high keyword density of over 10 per cent will get a site rated well with Yahoo and MSN. However such a key word density with Google is too high and will be dangerously close to being penalized for SPAM key wording. Actually a keyword density of 5 per cent or below will tend to work out much better with the Google search engine. So how does one strike a balance?

Many webmasters keep their keyword density low with Google in mind and then use other tactics like back links to appear high in the search results for Yahoo and MSN for the same article.

It is very important to understand the different requirements of the different search engines, if you are serious about generating high traffic from search engines.

High Traffic From Search Engines Must Include A Blog Strategy
Blogs almost always tend to rank higher in search engine results for high traffic keywords than traditional web sites. The reason is that blogs have much more content that websites usually do, which means many more words for search engines to comb for keywords and keyword phrases.

Because of this, no serious search engine optimization can take place that has not incorporated blogs in to their strategy. The way most web sites use blogs is to generate lots of content and post it on their blog with a generous number of lonks pointing back to their site. Thus what happens is that the huge blog traffic that they are able to attract within a very short time is re-directed to their site.

Blogs are also the ideal way to create interaction with your prospects and you can use them to answer queries and also give valuable tips on how to benefit more from your product or service.

Select The Right Keywords
But even as you make every effort to generate the sort of valuable content that will distinguish your site, chances are that you will be wasting your valuable time if you have not done your homework concerning the right keywords and keyword phrases to use.

Usually you will need to use online services that need to be paid for, for you to be able to efficiently identify the most valuable high traffic keywords which you have a decent chance of ranking highly with leading search engines.

One cannot avoid this subject of keywords when seeking to generate traffic as it is the main way that traffic is generated from all search engines. These days keyword research also involves finding alternate substitute words to use to avoid repeating keywords too often and being penalized for it by search engines like Google.

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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

PR And Press Releases: Why You Can't Succeed Without Them

Many people do not know it, but in the present world we know today, no significant adverting or marketing campaign will work without Public Relations or PR. There are many solid reasons for this.

Firstly we live in an over-advertised world and when there is so much "advertising noise" all around us human nature is such that we tend to drown out virtually all of it and tune in only to that which we are already familiar with or that which we trust because we already know something about. What this means is that the vast majority of advertisements hardly penetrate the human mind and the ad budgets are mostly wasted. Just think for a moment about how many advertising messages you usually get exposed to in a day. From the moment you wake up to the time you go to bed. The ads will not even give you any peace when you want some quiet time reading and writing emails to friends and you will find your email flooded with spam messages all advertising something. Sometimes you will even have the ads popping up in your computer screen, rudely interrupting what you were doing.

In this kind if scenario would you blame anybody for loathing ads and wanting to avoid them at all costs? Yet the sad reality is that many advertisers, even online continue to spew out their ads adding to the noise but hardly making any impact on their sales.

How PR Makes The Difference For Advertising Even Online
It should be obvious that in a world where there is so much "advertising noise" advertising tends to become less and less believable and is therefore switched off the minds of most. Thus the only remedy for somebody wanting to break through all this “noise” is to use PR to plant a message in the minds of potential customers and only when your product or service is properly positioned in the minds of your prospects, can you use advertising to drive the message home further.

What this means is that PR is so critical that faced with a choice, it can stand on it’s own and work fairly well without any advertising. But ads can never work on their own and we have many examples of brands that have been built only on PR and with no advertising to prove this. The truth is that advertising in the modern world has little chance of being effective without PR. You will simply be adding “noise” to the already extremely noisy world in terms of advertising messages. That is how terribly important PR is as a marketing tool in this day and age.

Advertising Is Even Less Believable Online
The situation is that while advertising is widely unbelievable offline. The situation online is that consumers will not only fail to believe advertising, but they in fact strongly loathe it and usually do everything possible to avoid it. Even going to the extreme of paying good money for software to block ads and SPAM ad emails. This is the reason why junk mail is a mere annoyance but online junk mail in the form of email SPAM can get you jailed in many parts of the world.

Even adequate forms of online advertising like banner advertising will tend to work a lot better when some serious public relations campaign has been carried out in advance and well ahead of the launch of the advertising program.

This is the reason why a famous book on this subject titled; The Fall Of Advertising And The Rise Of PR, continues to generate so much attention. Al and Laura Ries wrote the book that gives dozens of very convincing examples and case studies to prove the demise of advertising as a brand builder and the rise of PR which is unknown and unfamiliar to many marketers. The strong message from the authors of the book is that PR is the nail and advertising is the hammer. What this means is that PR makes your message believable enough so that your advertising message will be credible.

When You Understand The Power Of PR Your Marketing Becomes Easy
When you really get to understand the power of PR, your marketing is bound to be revolutionized and will become much more effective.

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Build A Huge Opt-In Email List Instantly
Building an opt-in email list is not as easy as it used to be in the earlier days of the World Wide Web. In fact these days getting a few hundred names onto an opt-in list is a major struggle that will bring lots of sweating. So how on earth does somebody build a huge opt-in email list and instantly at that?

Actually this is a very achievable goal for anybody who understands the World Wide Web and how huge lists are usually built in no time at all. There is actually a very powerful thing going for those who seek to build lists. And this is the fact that more and more people are turning more and more frequently to the web in search of information. They are looking for all sorts of information on the web ranging from curiosity questions to seeking help for all sorts of problems. But is also stretches to those who us the net to develop certain critical skills they require. Many of these people are so desperate for the information that they are even willing to pay for it, if they can be assured about the quality. So opting in for an ezine or email newsletter that is free and which promises the information they seek is really no big deal for them.

The vast majority of people have to really struggle to even get a single email to sign up and land on their opt in email list. However one of the main reasons is the fact that they do not understand the art of list building very well, let alone appreciate the huge audience searching for information out there that do not need too much persuasion to sign up for their ezine.

To Build A List Quickly You Must First Identify Desperate Needs
Not surprisingly the first key to success is being able to identify desperate needs for information and then offering this information in return for people's email addresses. It is as simple and as complicated as that. Complicated because it is not always very easy to identify desperate needs for information. And simple because once you have been able to identify the needs out there that you can comfortably satisfy, the whole exercise becomes very easy. This is one of the reasons why it is critical to deal with a subject area in which you are very experienced and knowledgeable. This is because only insider knowledge and a thorough understanding of a subject will enable you to figure out desperate needs in terns of information.

The more badly your readers need the information you have on offer in return for their email addresses, the faster your list will grow. That is the simple math equation that is in play here. Or to look at it in a broader way, the longer your list of information that is badly wanted, the longer your list of opt-in email lists will be within a very short space of time.

Once you have identified the information that people are searching for, your campaign to build a list quickly will already be well on its' way to success. You can advertise the information on your site and you can also create short articles that just stop short of giving the information. The articles can also be posted at article directories to create wider publicity for the lists that you will be building.

Learn How To Recognize List Building Opportunities
One day recently, I came across some information for one of my blogs, that I immediately recognized as being of great value in terms of building my list. Posting a brief article describing this information on my blog, I watched with delight as my list grew by almost 30 per cent in a few short hours.

It is important to always be alert to such opportunities. One of the things about sites that can be accesses for free is that you need to be very careful not to give away the whole shop for free. Your site has to generate revenue to remain in existence and one of the ways to do this is to hold back some really prized information and make it available only to members of your list. In fact one tiny bit of prized information is enough to instantly build a huge list.

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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The Quickest, Most Effective Web Linking Strategy
There are a number of ways to build web links pointing to your web website. We even have useful software that can help you build links rapidly.

There is controversy with some of the methods for building links. For instance there are those who say reciprocal links are now virtually worthless. These are the links that webmasters exchange between themselves. Actually it is not accurate to say that they are useless because to start with, reciprocal links are better than no links at /all in terms of search engine optimization (SEO). Then there is the fact that they can be responsible for substantial amounts of traffic coming to your website.

Favored Way To Generate One-Way Web Links
Still, the favored links to generate are one-way links and one of the most effective ways of generating them is by writing valuable useful articles and posting them in high traffic article directories complete with links pointing back to your website.

However not all article marketing campaigns aimed at generating links and traffic are as effective as they should be. It is really just a question of folks not understanding too well how to best use articles.

The first thing to note is that your any article marketing campaign will be three times more effective when you have three links in each article pointing back to your website. One link should be somewhere in the main text of the article and the other two should be in the resource box at the end of the article.

Then it is also much more useful to point the links to a specific page on your web website or blog website rather than on the home page. This is because your home page will be general and yet those following your links will tend to be interested in specific information related to the article that they have just read. If they cannot find this article quickly, they will tend to exit from you website very quickly which is not a good thing because you want them to linger for as long as possible. The longer they stay the more valuable they will be to you. Secondly in terms of SEO, it is best for you to work one specific page at a time and move to another only when you have done all you can in terms of promoting and generating links to the first one.

Articles Are Better Than Mini Websites for Web Linking And Traffic
In the old days, one early strategy used by webmasters was to create dozens of mini websites whose sole purpose was to direct traffic to the main website. There are a number of technical obstacles with this strategy, one of them being that search engines frown on it. However not many people are aware of the fact that articles posted at high traffic article directories do a better job than any mini website would.

One way this happens is that quality articles posted at article directories will usually get reposted complete with links at other websites. In effect what happens is that the number of links pointing to your website virally multiplies. This could never happen with mini websites that also require a lot of work in terms of maintenance in sharp contrast to a web master using an article that they write and post once and then forget about.

The Quality of Articles Will Impact On Both Your Web Linking And Traffic Generation
But not all articles have the same effect in terms of generating web links and traffic. Badly written articles with little or no useful information will not be as effective. While posting them will create links pointing to your website, they will end up doing little else. Few will read them and even fewer will re-post them at their websites.

The quality of the articles that you use for your marketing will determine just how effective your campaign will be in generating both web links back to your website and ultimately traffic. Well written articles with catchy headlines will always perform a lot better than ordinary articles with little or no valuable information.

In Conclusion
While using well written articles can be the Quickest, most effective way to rapidly create web links back to your website, an understanding of the technique and the quality of the articles will always have a major impact on just how effective each campaign of this nature is.

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Monday, May 14, 2007

Press Release Marketing: How It Can Revolutionize Your Online Business
Why is it that most people still underrate the power and effectiveness of press release marketing, when we know that many celebrities and Hollywood stars have used it considerably to build their careers and incredible brand awareness if you want to look at them as "products".

However it is also true that to be successful with press release marketing you will need to be in that unique position where you clearly understand how to use this marketing tool. Sending out just any press release to any list of media, will just not cut it. You need to know what the media is looking for and in this case what web sites and blogs really need even when they are hungry for regular content.

Sites Are Hungry For Content, Take Advantage Of It
One of the reasons why celebrities and Hollywood stars have been so successful with press releases and press release marketing is because the media has always been hungry for any information they can get their hands on concerning these celebrities. A simple press release about the eating habits of a star tends to get unbelievable attention from virtually every single media. This is a public relations practitioners dream come true.

The situation is almost the same online today where sites are hungry for useful information and content that is relevant for their site and yet do not have the time and resources to research and generate it constantly. So all one needs to do is to slant their press release or web release to suit each of the different groups of sites that are on their media list.

There is also another advantage that online PR practitioners enjoy. In the bricks and mortar world the media literally drowns in press releases. For websites this is not the case because very few people use press releases for their marketing. The truth is that many are yet to discover it.

With the rise of high traffic blogs, the situation has gotten even better for those who want to use online press release marketing. Blogs are rapidly becoming a serious threat to traditional media like newspapers and weekly magazines and search engines love them because they are usually packed with content and the result is that you will find blogs at the top of many search results when using leading search engines like Google. This has guaranteed many blogs an enormous amount of traffic coming in through the search engines. This high traffic has made them an excellent place to have press releases posted or written about.

Online, Press Releases Will Result In Hundreds of Free One Way Links
One of the tremendous benefits of sending out press releases is that when people write about them on their sites, they usually include links directly pointing to back to your site. So if you have a media list about 2,000 or so, every time you send out a press release you are assured of hundreds of links possibly over 1,000 at a time. The SEO value of this is tremendous, but that's not all. Each link will also dutifully generate tremendous traffic for your site.

So apart from playing it's traditional role of building and enhancing image, online the press release is also an extremely powerful weapon for building links for search engine optimization as well as enhancing traffic generation tremendously

Press Release marketing has numerous advantages which every business should take advantage of. The fact that not many people know about the power of this marketing tool, especially online should be taken full advantage of. It is also an inexpensive way of marketing and being able to reach a huge audience within a very short time. But the benefits do not stop there. There is the huge traffic potential because mos who use your press release will link back to your site. The result is that a single carefully distributed press release can get a site thousands of one way back links pointing to it and lots of traffic almost immediately as people click through on the links.

There is no reason why press release marketing will not completely revolutionize your web business and bring you to new levels of traffic that you probably never dreamy possible.

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Monday, May 07, 2007

SEO Secrets: The Power Of Promoting One Page At A Time

Many webmasters do not know it, but real SEO success can come from promoting a single page or a few pages at most to search engines. Actually the most common mistake most people make is to try and promote the whole site and worse still to generate links targeted at the home page rather than a specific page that you are promoting.

Little do they know that there is tremendous power in focusing on a single page on the site at a time and concentrating all the SEO promotional activities on it at least for extended periods of time before moving to another different web page.

Find The Best For SEO Promotion
Firstly there is a need for you to realize that the World Wide Web is fiercely competitive and not all the pages or content on your site can compete effectively. But chances are that you have an article or two that you are really proud of and feel confident that they can hold their own against the very best. That is the article or the articles that you should actively promote on the web and do everything to generate links pointing to.

If there is already such an article that you have done, a good way to start is to go back and brush it up with an excellent headline and the right keywords to get you attention from search engines. You must do a little keyword research and look for a keyword phrase that you can target successfully. Choose carefully. Do not select a keyword that has only a few hundred hits a month. And don't select a keyword from the very top that is obviously just too competitive for you. Select something popular enough that you feel you have a good chance of rating highly on. A good gauge to analyze your chances would be to compare your Google PR (Page rank) with that of the site currently in the position that you would like to go for. If the other site is only one position higher or you are even the same page rank, then it is a realistic shot and you can go for it.

Link To That Special Page From Your Other Sites

Recent changes in the Google algorithm has attached much more importance to the total number of sites linking to a page rather than how high their page rank is. This is to counter the common trick many unworthy sites have used in the past of buying links from a high PR site and instantly watching both their PR and positioning in the search engine change overnight. The way the algorithm has been tweaked to deal with this problem, is such that although the PR of the sites linking to you and their relevance is still a factor, it is not as important as it was previously.

What this means is that it is now more of a numbers game than anything else, which to my mind is the fairest way out of a complex problem. So your SEO efforts should focus on generating as high a number of one way links pointing to your sites as possible. Which means that you should not pass by the opportunity to have some of your other sites pointing to the single web page on your site that you are currently promoting.

How To Use Comments To Boost Your Search Engine Positioning
There is plenty of evidence to suggest that self-created links from spam comments left at blogs do not work anymore with a leading search engine, Google. Just as well because this is a rather annoying habit that many lazy webmasters have picked up in recent times. The right way to leave comments at blogs and discussion forums is to firstly find highly relevant posts and discussion topics. Then the idea here is not instant gratification but to build a reputation over a longer period of time. This will be much more effective in drawing attention to you and the web page you are promoting. I have seen this resulting in many folks reposting articles written by a regular commentator they like, complete with one way links pointing back to their sites.

The immediate and very welcome result of leaving comments is that traffic shoots up dramatically, which is also desirable for your SEO efforts because the more people who see and appreciate the contents of your web page, the higher the chances that it will get re-posted with valuable one way links leading back to your site.

In Conclusion
This strategy of concentrating all your SEO promotional efforts on one of your web pages over a long period of time can be very effective in helping lift up any site from obscurity to prominence.

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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Why The Web Has Made Press Releases And PR Even More Valuable

Well-known and respected marketing personality Al Ries wrote a famous book proclaiming the death of Advertising and the rise of PR to replace it.

On the World Wide Web, marketers have known for some time now that people online hate to be advertised to and are much more receptive to a message when it is packaged as something else other than advertising. Actually this is the secret behind the considerable success of Google and its' amazing Adsense program. Those tiny ads that often merge with the design of the rest of the site are designed to be viewed as text links linking to more information on the same subject. In other words a service that makes available more information on what you are looking for. Thus in essence people click on them for further information and certainly not to be advertised to.

Some online Public Relations practitioners have, also discovered this amazing but simple secret that is still making billions of dollars for Google Inc.

The Power of Packaging Your Announcement As Valuable Information In A Press Release
Essentially what successful PR persons online have discovered is the power in packaging new features and developments in one's products or services as valuable information in a press release. It makes a huge difference every time. To start with, contrary to popular opinion, most sites are hungry for content and information to generate that content. That is why a useful press release written in an interesting way that clearly shows them the possible points of interest to their readers will always be deeply appreciated by web masters. That appreciation will also lead them to use the content on their sites and to link appropriately back to the source of the information.

Take a moment to imagine a situation where a press release distributed online to thousands of email addresses results in thousands of links and mentions of your product or service, and all this happens virtually instantly. Not only will this result in a huge amount of traffic almost immediately, but in terms of search engine optimization, it will end up giving you a very high ranking for your main keywords with leading search engines mainly because of the one way links. This will naturally open the floodgates for even more targeted traffic coming in through the search engines.

That is the value of a well-written press release distributed to the right list of web and blog site owners. Contrast that to an advertisement that costs a lot of money and has to be seen by thousands to yield any significant response.

How Do You Package A Magical Press Release?
The secret in constructing the sort of press release that will get you written about is to think like your prospects would selfishly think. In other words you have to figure out what is in it for them. This is not always so obvious or easy. And then many times it will vary depending on the particular market segment you are targeting. This is why it makes perfect sense and usually pays huge dividends to re-write a press release for the different market segments that you are targeting.

How to Build Your Press Release Opt In List
It is not too difficult to build your own press release distribution opt-in list although you will need lots of patience. It is important to understand that although sites are hungry for content and information, it has to be content and information that will interest their readers. So a brief email to the webmaster explaining what you have in mind and attaching a sample press release will usually get you an instant response. This is apart from making information available at your site and with all the articles that you post elsewhere inviting webmasters to join your opt in email list so that they can receive updates and the latest information.

The more active you are with your activity of emailing webmasters and posting your articles elsewhere with links pointing to the page where they can register to be receiving your press releases, the quicker your list will grow. Of course the ideal situation for quick results would be to pay a site to distribute the press release on your behalf to thousands of web sites. Actually it does not cost as much as you may think.

In Conclusion
For a press release to be really effective, you will need a large opt-in email list with thousands of names. Still the power of Public Relations and especially a well written press release is huge. Al Ries is absolutely right when he says that Advertising is dead and PR has taken its' place as the most valuable and powerful marketing tool. Thus anybody who learns how to use PR effectively is bound to reap huge rewards.

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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The Scientific Way To Building An Opt-In Email List Rapidly

Those who have been involved in online marketing for any length of time already know that the most valuable tool in the hands of any marketer today is a targeted opt-in email list. Nothing can replace it.

Opt-in email lists not only allows you to instantly test an idea and get immediate results, but it also allows a webmaster to maintain their high traffic and high number of hits through any slow period. Online marketers have noted that just like in the bricks and mortar world out there, online businesses and sites too have their low periods where traffic usually drops off dramatically. The results can be devastating as earnings will always take a dive too.

With a huge opt-in email list, the options open to a webmaster or blog site owner are many. They can quickly launch a special promotion and instantly bring that hit counter back up again.

However everybody knows how difficult it is to build an opt-in email list these days. With increasing problems associated with email like spam and even phising schemes that seek to trick people into giving out their private and sensitive information, many people approach email with lots of caution these days.

Still there are tried and trusted methods that are pretty effective in building up lists pretty quickly.

Prepare The Numbers Before You Start Building Your Opt-In Email List
The biggest and most common mistake online marketers make is to blindly lunge into building a list without working on the numbers first. You must start with a target of sorts and that target has to be a realistic one. The way to make it not only realistic but fairly accurate is to work out the number of names you expect to harvest from a certain activity over a specific period of time.

For instance I ended up building an opt-in email list very quickly by simply calculating the number of names each article I wrote would bring in. From some brief tests I did, I noted that on average, one article written and posted at a certain popular articles directory would usually yield about 3 names every week—at least in the first two months or so. So I made a great big effort to get 100 article written whose sole objective was to get people to sign up for my list. The amazing thing is that there were weeks where I was able to get 400 new names, instead of just 300.

By doing something similar, you can be able to work out fairly accurately how quickly your list is going to grow.

Preparing The Numbers Helps You To Stay Focused

The World Wide Web is a place where there are numerous distractions. Losing focus is not only easy, it is the norm. One of the advantages of setting clear targets and having actual numbers of what to expect is that it keeps you very focused on exactly what you have to do in order to achieve the results that you are seeking.

This is in sharp contrast to the half-hearted-trial-and-error way in which most of us start our online ventures. The reality is that we often end up expecting miracles from doing nothing.

Advance planning also helps you select the most suitable tool to use in building your list. For example you can be able to do a quick calculation to compare the costs of running a paid advertisement and getting articles written. Or you can even compare two different forms of ads and the expected outcome. For instance PPC ads, banner advertisements and pop up campaigns at your web site.

Testing Is Crucial Before You Decide on Your Targets

Before you settle on your figures and estimates, it is important to do a little testing to see actual results. One of the wonderful things about testing, is that even of you spend more money that you had earlier anticipated, the truth is that you will end up saving yourself a small fortune. For starters testing will allow you to settle on the most effective list-building method for your particular niche. And most of all, you will also be able to come up with pretty accurate estimates.

In Conclusion
A scientific approach to building your email opt-in list will make all the difference between success and failure. Countless webmasters and online entrepreneurs have unsuccessfully attempted to build up their lists many times. In most cases you can be sure it is because they did not do estimates and targets before they started. Instead of just wishful thinking a scientific approach where you estimate the actual results will almost certainly guarantee you success in this extremely important online marketing activity.

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