Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The Quickest, Most Effective Web Linking Strategy
There are a number of ways to build web links pointing to your web website. We even have useful software that can help you build links rapidly.

There is controversy with some of the methods for building links. For instance there are those who say reciprocal links are now virtually worthless. These are the links that webmasters exchange between themselves. Actually it is not accurate to say that they are useless because to start with, reciprocal links are better than no links at /all in terms of search engine optimization (SEO). Then there is the fact that they can be responsible for substantial amounts of traffic coming to your website.

Favored Way To Generate One-Way Web Links
Still, the favored links to generate are one-way links and one of the most effective ways of generating them is by writing valuable useful articles and posting them in high traffic article directories complete with links pointing back to your website.

However not all article marketing campaigns aimed at generating links and traffic are as effective as they should be. It is really just a question of folks not understanding too well how to best use articles.

The first thing to note is that your any article marketing campaign will be three times more effective when you have three links in each article pointing back to your website. One link should be somewhere in the main text of the article and the other two should be in the resource box at the end of the article.

Then it is also much more useful to point the links to a specific page on your web website or blog website rather than on the home page. This is because your home page will be general and yet those following your links will tend to be interested in specific information related to the article that they have just read. If they cannot find this article quickly, they will tend to exit from you website very quickly which is not a good thing because you want them to linger for as long as possible. The longer they stay the more valuable they will be to you. Secondly in terms of SEO, it is best for you to work one specific page at a time and move to another only when you have done all you can in terms of promoting and generating links to the first one.

Articles Are Better Than Mini Websites for Web Linking And Traffic
In the old days, one early strategy used by webmasters was to create dozens of mini websites whose sole purpose was to direct traffic to the main website. There are a number of technical obstacles with this strategy, one of them being that search engines frown on it. However not many people are aware of the fact that articles posted at high traffic article directories do a better job than any mini website would.

One way this happens is that quality articles posted at article directories will usually get reposted complete with links at other websites. In effect what happens is that the number of links pointing to your website virally multiplies. This could never happen with mini websites that also require a lot of work in terms of maintenance in sharp contrast to a web master using an article that they write and post once and then forget about.

The Quality of Articles Will Impact On Both Your Web Linking And Traffic Generation
But not all articles have the same effect in terms of generating web links and traffic. Badly written articles with little or no useful information will not be as effective. While posting them will create links pointing to your website, they will end up doing little else. Few will read them and even fewer will re-post them at their websites.

The quality of the articles that you use for your marketing will determine just how effective your campaign will be in generating both web links back to your website and ultimately traffic. Well written articles with catchy headlines will always perform a lot better than ordinary articles with little or no valuable information.

In Conclusion
While using well written articles can be the Quickest, most effective way to rapidly create web links back to your website, an understanding of the technique and the quality of the articles will always have a major impact on just how effective each campaign of this nature is.

Link building websites and targeted website promotion help increase web traffic.
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