Sunday, December 31, 2006

Why PPC And SEO (Search Engine Optimization)Are The Most Popular Web Site Promotion Methods

Why are PPC (pay-per-click) ads and SEO the two most popular web promotion tools? Find out the secrets that top webmasters don’t want you to know and then apply that knowledge to your web site today

There has to be a reason why PPC (pay-per-click) ads and SEO (search engine optimization) are the two most popular website promotion tools on the World Wide Web today.

As a matter of fact, it is not too difficult to figure out why these two website promotional methods are so popular. It is quite simple – they work. Actually they are very fast and effective in getting traffic to a web site. Internet Marketing can be overwhelming for some but if you leave it to the reputable professionals you can expect great results.

Picture this situation. You select a few keywords come up with some attractive headlines and then launch a PPC ad campaign with Google Adwords. The next thing you know is that your site is receiving a steady flow of traffic. When the sums are done you realize that a sizeable number of those visitors who click through end up being your paying customers. You are easily able to make a good profit on your initial investment in the PCC ads and you then re-invest an even bigger ad budget. In this way many online entrepreneurs have started off with tiny ad budgets but have gradually build them up substantially to colossal monthly budgets. You can imagine the profits that go with the large budgets.

Picture yet another situation where you hire the services of an SEO expert. After a few short weeks of their expertise, your notice that your web site has come from nowhere to feature very highly in most search engine rankings. The resulting traffic is huge. After you pay your SEO service provider or guru, you’re left to enjoy free traffic that will continue to flow in your direction for years. Suddenly your affiliate program starts to yield hefty checks Or your product sales go through the roof.

These are no fairy tales. It is reality and has happened to many online entrepreneurs who have rapidly moved from nothing to huge monthly online incomes. Little wonder that PPC ads and SEO services have the reputation they do today. The two online marketing tools have worked miracles for many people.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Email Advertising: The Quickest Way To Get Cash Into Your Pocket

One of the things that the World Wide Web has done in the lives of the human race is to greatly speed up the process of getting many things done.

For instance instead of sending snail mail and waiting for days to receive a response, we now have email, which is instant and is capable of getting you an instant response. This means that virtually any marketing plan and strategy can be implemented and executed at a much higher speed.

Although in recent times email marketing has run into all sorts of problems, mainly caused by illegal spamming, the facts are that legal and legitimate email marketing is still one of the most effective marketing methods any online entrepreneur can put to use online.

The right way to use email is to send only to opt-in email lists or persons who have opted to receive the mail. What happens is that it all starts with a webmaster carefully harvesting email addresses from persons who visit their web site. Over a period of time they are then able to build up a huge opt-in email list that they can then email offers to and generate substantial sales from. Another valuable use of these email lists is to secure regular repeat visits to the web site.

A good-size email opt-in list can take years to build.

Fortunately there are other very viable options. You can either place an advertisement in an existing email newsletter or you can purchase an existing opt-in email list to mail out your offer to.

Either way the huge advantage that you’ll enjoy is that you will get an instant response to your message and hopefully instant sales, if you have crafted your message and offer properly.

Of course you have to be extremely careful about where you purchase your list for emailing or even which email newsletters you choose to place your advertising message in.

An Opt-In email list means that the email list only has users that have opted to join a specific email list, when you deside to use email marketing for your next campaign I suggest making sure your email list is 100% opt-in.

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