Monday, April 30, 2007

What on earth gave articles such a bad name?

The answer is not too difficult to fathom. Anybody can write an article and post it somewhere, which is precisely why there is always a mad rush to write and post like crazy without really understanding exactly what one is doing. Few people, for instance, understand search engine optimization (SEO) and how it works. Matters have been made worse by the fact that leading search engines are constantly altering and adjusting their search engine algorithms to deal with cheats. What this means is that most of what you may have known about search engine optimization barely six months ago, could be obsolete today. So the inevitable results have been pretty predictable for most of those rushing in to post articles for the first time. They hardly end up with any results even after putting in some very hard work. They then quickly jump to the conclusion that articles just don't work in online marketing. And they quickly spread the word round.

Is There Any Evidence To Prove That Articles Marketing Works?

The truth is that there is plenty of evidence to prove that articles work and you can check it out this evidence for yourself.

Go to your favorite search engine and type in a keyword phrase for some information you need. When you get the search results click on the one you think is most relevant. Chances are that you will end up on a page with an article. What has happened here is that some keywords have led you to an article. Articles are what the search engines are all about. Articles are what the World Wide Web is mostly made up of. So how can anybody say that articles don't work online?

It is a fact that there are some articles online that end up receiving millions of hits daily. How then can somebody look anybody straight in the face and say that articles don't work?

What Usually Goes Wrong In Articles Marketing?

There are a number of common mistakes most people enthusiastically attempting to market their sites with articles for the first time, usually make. The first is that they post their articles at places where chances of them being seen are slim. The terrible truth is that many article directories hardly have any traffic apart from that of folks posting their articles just like you. And neither do those directories have a high Page Rank (PR), meaning that your article posted with them will never appear anywhere near the top ten results of any search. So the inevitable result is that you will hardly receive any traffic from that article.

In fact many webmasters do not know it, but it makes a lot of sense to post an article at just one high traffic article directory and then to sit back and let the viral marketing powers of the web work for you. In most cases, if your article is interesting, it will end up being re-posted at numerous other sites saving your time-consuming exercise of sitting at your computer to post your article to hundreds of article directories.

Because of duplicate content issues and the fact that most article directories have attracted the attention of spammers these days, it is not advisable to repost what is at your site at article directories. The best technique is to identify an excellent article at your site and then write hundreds of articles advertising and attracting attention to it which you can then post at a high traffic articles directory.

Article Marketing Will Only Succeed If You Get The Keywords Right

You can write the best articles in the world but if you haven't gotten the keyword phrases right, they just will not work for you. Keywords are supposed to be as relevant as possible and designed to help those who are looking for the information you have at your site to find you. Then keywords of course have to be as popular as possible. This is another reason why selecting a niche topic to focus on before you even launch your site, is so important.
If you get your keywords right and have a workable plan, then articles marketing will be transformed from something that most folks do not believe works, to the most powerful marketing tool ever known to man.

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