Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Why Pop Up Ads Are Such A Powerful Way To Collect Email Addresses

There is no doubt that pop-up ads have proved to be extremely effective in collecting email addresses at many a web site.

While it is true that pop up ads can be intrusive and annoying to most surfers, so much so that some of them often go to great lengths to avoid them. However this is only true in cases where the pop up ads are completely irrelevant to the contents of the site being visited. It has clearly been proven by the very successful use of these pop up ads to harvest email addresses at many sites.

Interestingly, although both pop-up and pop under ads seem to work well, it is pop up ads that seem to yield the best results. These pop up ads usually appear moments after an eager surfer or prospect has arrived at a site, and usually make use of a very enticing headline to offer a free email newsletter to the site visitor. Quite often a free special report of great value is given as an incentive for signing up for the newsletter.

Of course the prospect can close the often-smaller window pop-up with the email newsletter offer and continue to explore and read the contents of the site. This is important because only a small fraction of the visitors to the web site will end up signing up for the newsletter. You do not want to annoy the vast majority of the rest of the visitors to your site with constant pop up ads that are difficult to get rid of and thus greatly hinder proper access to your site.

Another even more popular way of harvesting email addresses is to offer free software or software on free trial basis. In most cases software offered in this way using the pop-up ads is a much more effective way of collecting a huge number of email addresses for an opt-in email list rather quickly.

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