Thursday, March 29, 2007

Your Headline Is The Most Important Thing In All Your Advertising

No advertising can ever hope to work or to be effective in any way without a good headline. Actually in this modern age of instant coffee, instant gratification and prospects who are always in a terrible hurry, your headline has to be a little better than good to get anybody to pay enough attention to it and what you have to say.

Headlines are even more critical online because it is all that people see before they make a decision on whether or not to read something. At least in the offline world a reader can quickly scan through the first few lines or paragraphs. This is not possible online and you will therefore lose them or win them purely based on your headline.

In other words, the readership of your ad will entirely hinge on how good and effective your headline is. The best article, the best ad or content can gather dust, hardly being read, just because of a poor headline. This is something that happens very often online these days.

A common mistake most headline writers make is to want to appeal to everybody with their headline. This is a big mistake. You cannot possibly satisfy and cater to everybody. It is important that you appeal to your niche market strongly in your headline. One powerful way is by mentioning a problem that is currently being faced that your product or service is guaranteed to solve. In today's world, everyone seems to be searching for solutions to their problems. When you have the answer to their problem, your product will definitely catch their attention. They will be drawn to your services much more easily.

One of the most powerful techniques commonly used is to create lots of curiosity as you direct them to the target web site. Curiosity is a very powerful motive in humans and it works every time.

This applies to virtually any sort of advertising you can think of. Whether it is banner ads, mass email advertising or PPC ads. Even SEO efforts will heavily depend on your headlines. For instance good SEO keyword phrases are not adequate, that is for the search engines. You will have to arrange the keywords in a way that will make a catchy headline that will attract readership. When the prospect is finally at your site, you will also need the headlines leading to your other pages to be equally enticing. That is how you keep your reader at your site for as long as possible. It is also how you will be able to maximize on your page views. Both these are critical to the revenue potential and earnings of your site.

In order for this form of online advertising to work best for you it is important to find a trust worthy internet marketing company that has years of experience with advertising and that will show you results. Choosing the right internet marketing company is often one of the biggest reasons a campaign fails or succeeds.

Your headlines are so important that they will easily make or break your online business.


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