Thursday, March 22, 2007

The Benefits Of Email Advertising

Email advertising has always had tremendous potential and is capable of helping any site to generate a colossal amount of traffic and ultimately revenue.

It is important here to note that we are not talking about illegal spam activities here but legal Email advertising using safe lists or opt in email lists.

Actually email advertising has various benefits and advantages that are difficult to beat. Probably one of the biggest ones is the fact that results from email advertising are usually virtually instant. Many other forms of online advertising will normally require lots of patience between the time the campaign is launched and the time when it starts generating serious sales.

For example SEO (search engine optimization) marketing will require a number of weeks at the very minimum for a site to start enjoying the benefits of the huge and constant traffic coming in via leading search engines. Even PPC (pay-per-click) ads take time as the webmasters starts with a small budget and gradually builds it up to the point where there is a significantly high traffic arriving at the site.

In sharp contrast email advertising is such that a huge number of emails can be sent out at the same time and within a few minutes responses from this online advertising activity will start to flow in. If you have crafted your message and offer properly your result could be an instant response to your message and hopefully instant sales. When you decide to use email advertising for your next campaign I suggest making sure your email list is 100% opt-in.

Email advertising is also fairly easy to test and track. Meaning that it is possible to develop a marketing system and strategy based on solid actual research from the market and what’s more it is easy to do this very quickly.

What this means is that any web site or blog site owner can from a cold start quickly build up significant traffic to their site and be able to generate significant sales as a result of this online marketing activity.

This is not easy to say for any other form of internet promotion techniques.

There are many SEO software packages available that will help you achieve quality traffic more quickly and easily, but keep in mind that the amount of time you can save by utilizing one of these powerful tools can really pay off in no time at all. In order for this form of Internet Marketing to work for you it is important to find a trust worthy company that has years of email advertising experience that will give you results.

Email advertising is one of the favored alternatives to SEO marketing that has seen many web sites and web based businesses prosper in a major way.

While highly personable email advertising enables you to personalize and greet every person you target. This helps in creating a special bond with the prospects and allows you to build customer and reseller loyalty and acquire new customers. Email advertising has shown to be a successful internet marketing tool for many online businesses.


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