Monday, March 19, 2007

Your Email Advertising Will Make More Money When You Avoid Trying To Sell

For any web site owner or blog site owner to make some serious money from email advertising, they will need to understand an important truth and principle of email marketing.

There can be no doubt that website promotion has proven to be one of the most challenging obstacles to many web site owners. How does one get their web site noticed among the sea of millions of web sites out there, much less get actual hits and visits they need to make money?

This is the fact that email advertising will tend to be much more successful when a webmaster totally avoids trying to sell directly in their email marketing. Instead the effective and powerful way to use email is to use it to attract traffic to a web site. Once the prospect has arrived at the web site, one can then attempt to try and sell them whatever it is that they have on offer. Usually this yields much better results and tends to have a major impact in many online marketing campaigns. In actual fact traffic is generated in large quantities of traffic to blogs and then re-directed to web sites for the actual sales transaction to be consummated.

In conclusion none can really totally replace the other and both blogs and web sites have their individual very important key roles to play in the marketing success of any online enterprise.

There is another more important reason why diverting email traffic to a web site works much better than trying to sell directly. In many cases the list used for email advertising has been hired. Or the webmaster may have chosen to advertise within a popular email newsletter or ezine. If they then opt to try and sell directly through their email advertising, it means that they only have one chance to sell to each of the prospects who see the email. However if they direct the prospects to their web sites, there is a high possibility of one of two things happening. Either the prospect can like what they see so much that they will end up book-marking the site and becoming regular visitors, or they can even sign up for the opt-in email list being run from the site.

Both ways, the web site or blog site owner will get many other chances and opportunities to try and sell the prospect their product or service.

This is exactly how to use email marketing effectively. It means that one can simply hire an opt-in email list from somebody else or even advertise in a high circulating email newsletter only once but end up with some useful long-term benefits.

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