Wednesday, March 14, 2007

How To Combine Banner Advertising and Promotional Articles for Explosive Results

Used alone each of these two tools have their advantages and disadvantages. However when used together, the effect of this combination can be devastatingly powerful.

Banner ads can be very effective when combined with promotional articles at a web site selling virtually any product or service that you can think of.

Used alone each of these two tools have their advantages and disadvantages. However when used together, the effect of this combination can be devastatingly powerful in your internet marketing journey.

The right technique to use here is to ensure that the promotional article does not contain any advertising message of any sort. Instead it should give very useful and valuable information to the target audience that you are seeking to attract. The idea here will be to get your readers as engrossed as possible with your promotional article and the information that is contained in it. If the audience finds a promotional article covering the subject that they are seeking information on, they will more likely to keep reading.

Your banner ad, which should be highly targeted at the sort of audience that will find your article of great interest, should then be placed at the bottom of the page. Not the top, as many webmasters tend to do almost instinctively with their banner ads. The reason for this is simple. Banner ads placed at the top can sometimes tend to be intrusive, especially in this case where you are combining this tool with promotional articles. Banner ads tend to be much less intrusive and usually yield a much higher response when they are placed at the bottom of a page. They will eagerly read the promotional article and if they like what they see, they will then click on the banner ad the bottom of the article.

One single article can continue to pull in traffic for your web site for years to come without you having to invest any more time or money on it. It will remain online for years and will continue to be available to persons interested in the subject, and a good number of them will end up at your web site through your banner ads. This is a huge advantage.

The idea is that after finishing reading your informational article, the next thing your prospect should see, is your nice, colorful and attractive banner ad promising even more information on the same subject.

It is important that your content provider should produce the sort of article that gives plenty of information but as a result creates hunger for even more information. This is a very valuable skill for an online content provider to have and it is the key that can turn an ordinary online advertising campaign into an extra-ordinary one that also produces extra-ordinary results.

There can be no doubt that website promotion has proven to be one of the most challenging obstacles to many web site owners. How does one get their web site noticed among the sea of millions of web sites out there, much less get actual hits and visits? It just requires some creative thought, a little planning and some time. Yet the rewards of your internet advertising can be huge.

Combining promotional articles with banner ads are a powerful web promotional tool that will attract attention to your products.


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