Thursday, February 22, 2007

How To Avoid SEO Nightmares

SEO nightmares for webmasters is when they go to bed after happily analyzing the latest traffic figures and resulting sales and revenue generated by their web sites, only to wake up the next morning to find that everything has been wiped out. If this has ever happened to you, then you know how devastating this can be to find your self in this position.

Their sites literally disappear from a major search engine and the result can be devastating, to say the least.

Yet there are a number of ways to avoid such situations;

a) Do Not Try To Trick Search Engines
Many webmasters feel very clever tricking search engine robots with all sorts of tricks and getting away with it. Many times the so-called brilliant ideas come from a SEO service consultant eager to show you as client some quick results. The reality is that if you do anything unscrupulous or that is not above board, your days are really numbered. Sooner or later you will be caught up with. If you are serious about search engine
you need to start by Building Links to your website. Doing it the honest way.

b) You Must Diversify
Diversification does not mean going into all sorts of different lines of business. It just means making every effort not to rely on one source of anything. Whether it is traffic or revenue. For instance if you use your high traffic to build up your opt-in email lists list you will be doing yourself a great favor. You can even use your current profits to purchase opt-in email lists and thus build up our list much quicker. In this way you will be cushioning yourself against any future developments that could affect the major way through which you are currently receiving your traffic.

c) Build a Quality Web Site
If you can use the opportunity to build a quality web site and with it a favorable image and large loyal following, then the effects of changes in search engines rankings for your web site will be greatly limited. Word of mouth alone can keep huge numbers flowing in the direction of your site and can be much more effective than traffic flowing from search engines. Sometimes this word of mouth mainly culminates in links pointing at your site which can also generate lots of traffic on their own.

d) Get Your Web Site Exposed
There are plenty available resources such as web site directory submission services and article submission services, that will assist you in keeping your website ranked in the search engines. Through these web site promotion techniques, your site will gain link popularity and more exposure, leading to future potential clients and higher rankings in the search engines. Articles Submissions are a powerful method of getting quality one-way incoming links to your site, the way the search engines like. In submitting to directories, the amount of inbound one way links to your site are highly valuable to the search engines and will boost your site rankings.


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