Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Email Advertising: How To Write Good Copy

For Email Advertising to work for you, good copy writing is absolutely important. But what makes things even trickier is the fact that most of the email readers you will be targeting will usually be pressed for time. This presents two major challenges. Firstly, getting the email recipients to open your email and secondly, once they've opened your promotional email, getting them to read it through.

Copy writing requires a very deep understanding of human nature and what motivates humans. It is useful to always bear in mind that people are basically selfish and out to satisfy their own selfish needs and desires to grow richer, become more popular and so on. People are much more eager to solve the problems that they are currently facing, rather than to protect themselves and prevent problems of the future. Which tells us on how we need to approach the Website Promotion methods that will work to direct traffic to a website.

Email advertising headlines will usually appear in the subject area of the email and will be the first thing that the email recipient reads. If the headline does not appeal to them, it does not matter if they have opted-in to receive the mail or not, they will delete the message without reading it. Yet many email recipients of spam will actually open and read a message that has a powerful headline, despite the fact that it is unsolicited mail. That is the power of a good headline. In order for this form of Internet Marketing to work for you it is important to find a trust worthy company that has years of experience with email marketing and that will give you results.

A common mistake most headline writers make is to want to appeal to everybody with their headline. This is a big mistake. You cannot possibly satisfy and cater for everybody. It is important that you appeal to your niche market strongly in your headline. One powerful way is by mentioning the problem that is currently being faced that your product or service is guaranteed to solve. In today's world, everyone seems to be searching for solutions to their problems. When you have the answer to their problem, your product will definitley catch their attention. They will be drawn to your services much more easily.

Once the recipient has opened your email, there are a variety of techniques to use to ensure that they keep on reading. One of the most powerful techniques commonly used is to create lots of curiosity as you direct them to the target web site. Curiosity is a very powerful motive in humans and it works everytime. Remember that the primary role of email advertising is not so much to sell but to prepare and direct traffic to a web site, which will then aggressively attempt to make the sale. Email advertising has shown to be a successful website promotional tool at getting traffic to your website.


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