Thursday, February 15, 2007

Beware Of Desperate Measures In Your SEO Campaign

Too many webmasters and blog site owners are getting themselves into lots of trouble in their desperate bids to create traffic and revenue for their sites.

There are many so-called SEO activities that are generally looked down on by search engines while others are even penalized in search engine rankings with devastating results.

Many webmasters, most of whom are very desperate for increased traffic and thus revenues are getting involved in some of these schemes. They are doing it either knowingly or unknowingly.

For instance there is the notorious sperm blogs or splogs which is a major concern with search engines right now. Splogs are blogs that are created for the sole purpose of creating hundreds and even thousands of links with the objective of ending up with very high search engine rankings and thus traffic for the blogs. Just to give you an idea of what a splog is, go to your favorite blog search engine and type in weight loss. Or you can try hair loss or discount stores... You get the idea. Anything that has ever been spammed about is spammed in monstrous proportions in the blogosphere because its so easy to do.

Then there are the rapidly increasing link farms. A link farm is a site that is created for the sole purpose of exchanging links. Groups of sites join and create links to each other in such a way that their rankings dramatically improve. If the links are relevant to the content on your web page, then your site is headed in the right direction. If the the links don’t have a logical relevancy, then your site might be headed for disaster. But if you link to content that is relevant to the content on your page, In time, you might start to find more and more your page being indexed by the search engines.

All these activities are unscrupulous and generally not acceptable SEO practices or techniques. Some of them were of course created and initially invented and created by SEO experts and consultants, but today they are frowned upon and can get a site owner into all sorts of trouble.

As far as generating links is concerned, one of the safest and yet quickest methods of accumulating them is by purchasing them through an established company or web site. This exercise is not as expensive as one may think. More so because you can purchase the links a few at a time as your available funds allow and shortly within no time, you will find that you have accumulated a large number of links without getting into any problems with search engines.

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