Thursday, September 13, 2007

Safe Email Marketing Little Known Ideas

In this kind of chaotic and demanding environment, one does not need to be a genius to realize how valuable email marketing can be in helping any organization to not only survive but to thrive. The key is to look at email marketing as a way to build relationships before anything else.

Despite all the problems that are usually associated with email and email marketing, this World Wide Web tool has been called the world's greatest marketing tool. It is important to examine this sweeping statement so as to establish whether this is really true and if the title is one that the controversial email deserves.

It is rapidly emerging that hyper competition in the new uncertain and shaky markets in today's world has put a lot of pressure on marketing departments everywhere to re-think the way they have always done business.

For instance it is becoming abundantly clear that short-term customer relations are a very risky way to handle any business, and this applies as much to offline enterprises as it does to online ones. The new era of marketing has arrived. It not only calls for long term customer relationships which are important, but it also demands analyses of customer needs through regular contact while observing the reaction and behavior of the client carefully, which is much more valuable and useful than just getting information from a client based on questions posed in some questionnaire.

The advantage of email is that this is probably the only medium through which such a relationship can be established, cultivated and maintained with the greatest of ease. Of course it all starts with the right approach, which is actually the only legitimate one as far as email is concerned. Namely permission-based marketing where emails are sent out only to those who have opted to receive it.

Email Is The Road To Better Relationships
Email marketing makes way for better relationships with customers and prospects. There are a variety of ways that this can be achieved. It starts with the building of quality addresses. Here it is very important to go for targeting and to shun the temptation to prefer huge lists over smaller targeted ones.

Actually the smaller the niche you are targeting the higher your chances of success through email marketing. Even if it takes you a long time to build such a list, it will always be well worth your time at the end of the day.

There are various additional online tools that help a great deal in the building up of relationships. For instance software that reminds you of important dates in relation to your email list. This includes birthdays, anniversaries and the date the client made the first purchase. This special day can be commemorated in all sorts of creative ways that will help cement your relationship with members of your email list.

Speak To Your Audience As Individuals
One of the truly amazing aspects of email is the fact that you can segment an audience based on data, and believe me you can collect huge amounts of data from any email list you have with very little effort. Segmentation and data analysis makes it possible for you to speak to your list as individuals. Your audience will love this and will almost always reward you with loyalty and a very high response rate. You really can't go wrong when you address the individuals and their particular unique problems after you have segmented the market accordingly.

Incidentally, when you do this, you personalize the relationship further, which will without doubt translate into huge profits for you later on. Actually the truth is that you cannot go wrong when you do things that contribute to a long term relationship rather than to a short-term-make-maximum-profits-at-all-costs approach

Era Of The Mass Market Has Ended, Thanks To The World Wide Web
Thanks mainly to the World Wide Web, the era of the mass market has ended. The significant result worth noting is that customers and clients have become much more demanding and impatient. And you really cannot blame them, especially when they are spoilt for choice. Then there is the fact that numerous web sites are no offering personalized and extremely efficient services online for virtually anything you can think of.


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