Monday, June 25, 2007

Safe Email Advertising: How It Is Done

When most people hear the phrase email advertising, the first thing that comes to their mind is illegal and unwanted spamming activities using email. Actually the truth of the matter is that there are many different methods of safe email advertising that has nothing to do with spamming and can be of great benefit to any business.

What is more, there are very few advertising techniques that are more effective than email. It is possible to send out your email message and to start receiving positive responses within minutes of the email marketing message going out.

Safe Email Advertising Options
There are several options to consider once you have decided to go in the email advertising direction. The simplest way to enter the field is to purchase an existing opt-in email list. Here it is important to make the purchase from a list merchant that is trustworthy. All sorts of horror stories have been told about lists that have even gotten people into serious trouble with accusations of spamming. Then there is also the worry about the quality of the list, which is critical in yielding good results for you. As is the question of just how targeted and relevant the recipients of your email will be. Still if you are able to deal with all these issues, purchasing a list will give you the quickest results. In fact if you purchase a fairly large list, the responses could easily overwhelm you.

The other option is to painstakingly build a list on your own. The advantage here is that you will be in total control of the quality of the list and it will be possible for you to target the exact audience that you seek. The only problem with this, is that it will tend to take a long time to accumulate a significant number of names. More so in this day and age where many people are very nervous about leaving their email address anywhere.

There are various ways of building a list for yourself. You can offer valuable information through a special report available only via email. Alternatively you can restrict access to a website to only registered members who will need to surrender their email addresses to register.

Successful Safe Email Advertising Requires Lots Of Creativity
Although it matters a lot how and where you acquire a list (which will inevitably affect the quality) you acquire your list, this is still not as important as the creativity that goes into your email marketing campaign. Creativity is so important that even with a high quality list, lack of creativity can greatly affect the final result you get from all your email marketing efforts.

Creativity has to start with you understanding your market fairly well and exactly what they are looking for and what would excite them. Some marketers refer to it as being able to know all the right "hot buttons" to press.

You Will Not Succeed Without Constant Testing
Testing ideas, lists, creativity and all sorts of techniques over a certain period of time will enable you to find the most workable strategy and formula to use in your email marketing campaign. It is therefore true to say that without constant testing, your email marketing campaign is doomed to failure.

If you do not test, how on earth are you going to know what works and what does not work? Without testing how are you going to constantly improve on your results until you reach and surpass all your marketing goals and objectives?

Interestingly most people do not take this aspect of testing in marketing seriously enough. Yet the truth is that no serious undertaking can be achieved without constant testing and improvement as well as refinement. Take the amazing achievement of the two high school drops outs who discovered mechanized flying. We are of course referring to Wilbur and Orville Wright. That great moment at Kitty Hawk was preceded by a lot of work which involved mostly tests, starting with tests to verify the work that others had done on building fling machines. All previous tests gave the Wright brothers lots of confidence that memorable day at Kitty Hawk that the contraption they had before them was going to actually fly. Even the Wright brothers can teach us a lot about email marketing.


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